TCG series: Commissioning and programming of the modules

课程账号 80297
课程类别 Classroom Based Training
持续时间 3 Days
目标客户 Developers
价格 2070 €


The course explains the hardware- and software features of the telematics modules of the TCG series and introduces to the programming. Necessary basic knowledge of Linux as well as the Teleservice Application Framework are explained. Practical exercises for installation, commissioning and programming are executed throughout the course.


The participant

  • Knows the configuration options of the TCG series
  • Is able to install the development environment under Linux and Windows
  • Knows the features of the Teleservice Application Framework (TAF)
  • Is able to program telematics applications with the Teleservice Application Framework (TAF)


Linux knowledge.

Programming skills in the programming language "C".

Course Content

  • Hardware of the TCG series
    • Hardware variants of the TCG series
    • Hardware features
  • Development environment for programming of the TCG series
    • Commissioning of the TCG modules
    • Installation and configuration of the development environment (Linux and Windows)
  • Linux basics
    • Directory structure (standard Linux and STW-specific directories)
    • Basic Commands
  • Teleservice Application Framework (TAF)
    • Create a new project
    • Inter-process communication via D-Bus
    • Create data pool, log and process data
    • Collect GPS data
    • Configure a data logger
    • Concepts for data transmission
  • Connector to the cloud solution
  • Practical programming exercises