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  • MobilTron 2018

The Electrified Mobile Working Machine

Technologies & Trends | Field reports | Architectures & Infrastructure

In recent years, the discussion about electrification has been fueled by a wide range of important stimuli. Tesla looks to have had great success with introduction of its Model 3. In Germany, cities and municipalities exceed the limits for particulate matter and are introducing bans for diesel vehicles. The introduction of electric cars in Germany is sluggish, while China is focused on electric mobility and is significantly expanding its infrastructure.

Of course, the topic is also significant for manufacturers of mobile machines. Prototypes are being presented at trade fairs, but when will they start series production? In connection with electrification there is a rethinking of the complete machine, the development towards autonomous operations, digitalisation and a corresponding charging infrastructure. With this seminar, we would like to offer you the opportunity to get new inspiration, to hear and talk with users and technology leaders, and to exchange ideas with each other..

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