MACHINES.insight offers the user a web interface for easy configuration of the TCG. In addition, it provides features for visualization, diagnostics and updating of the machine.

Our MACHINES.insight machine software offers users a convenient interface when setting up the TCG platform. After connection via WiFi and using an Internet browser, you will receive detailed product and connection information. Different views permit the extensive configuration of many functions in password-protected Administrator mode, even for people without programming know-how.
Loggers, or files containing machine data, are completed according to different criteria. This includes cyclical records defined by events or via hysteresis. Here, the size of the files and the duration of the records are selectable. The files can be retrieved locally or forwarded to a Cloud service. The type of transmission (mobile phone and / or WiFi) and its frequency can be determined for
For service purposes, prefabricated display instruments can be assigned for the presentation of the latest machine data. The list of CAN bus machine data can be conveniently imported via standard file formats such as DBC, and supplemented through the data from the module sensors. The display instruments can be scaled freely, designated and arranged, and made available to the respective personnel in different views.

Please visit the TCG download server for further information. Here you will find more detailed documentation:

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