Remote and Cloud Software

  • Support over the entire lifecycle
  • Cloud solution optimized for the world of mobile machines
  • Rapid test possibility for the machine-cloud connection and use
  • Open, secure, standardised cloud interfaces
  • No provider dependency

As soon as a mobile machine leaves the works, all machine data is withdrawn from direct access. The basis for remote access and cloud solutions is created through the use of on-board modules for networking and data collection. Suitable software tools realize the wishes of interested parties.

Thanks to a generic tool kit, STW serves developers, service technicians, owners and hire companies beyond the lifecycle of the machine.


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Often a single machine is in focus for the developers and technicians. It concerns access to control units and displays in order to find faults or execute individual updates. Furthermore, VPN and VNC applications are used in combination with software gateways.

If software updates for the improvement of the machine functionality are introduced, then entire fleets are affected. In order to comprehend or control the work assignment, to analyse the associated machine data and to use it for foresighted or preventative maintenance, then communication with a machine fleet is also necessary. Furthermore, various users have differing interests regarding the data. As a result, cloud solutions are used here which are scaleable and secure.

Since the cloud solution is never standalone, but rather has to communicate with other systems, openness with regard to the connection to other systems is of paramount importance. Only in this way can data be used expediently and for new business models.

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  • Remote Support - Manage machine control
  • Data Warehouse - Store securely and reliably one or more devices with health, performance and positional information

  • Visualization - Visualize live, historic and calculated performance data with dashboards and drill into detail wirh the explorer
  • Process Support - Utilize alarming and notification
  • Geo Features - Display live position and past routes with geo maps

  • Reduction of expenses through preventive maintenance
  • Outage forecast
  • Gain cross domain knowledge
  • Warranty issue analysis

  • Big data solution supporting data analytics through the aggregation of large amounts of machine data
  • Use across your fleet at your point of preference
  • Analytics Toolbox with easy to use Interface
  • Error Cause Analysis


  • Allows use of CoDeSys remotely
  • Supports remote display mirroring using VNC


  • VPN solution for getting a direct remote connection to your machine.
  • Offers remote access to machines.insight
  • Grants deep insight into your machine data remotely


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