Recording and processing machine data, and networking the world of mobile machines with each other and with the Internet – that is the TC3G in a nutshell. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies in combination with an open Linux operating system, high integration capabilities and reliability are achieved.

The TC3G Data & Connectivity Platform
The on-board module ESX-TC3G offers a professional entry point into the world of STW networking and data management solutions. With its diverse interfaces, the Linux-based module communicates inside and outside of the vehicle network. Here WiFi, Bluetooth or 2G/3G are used. The integrated navigation satellite systems GPS and GLONASS permit accurate positioning of the commercial vehicles, which can even be adjusted to within a few centimeters through calculation correction data. All the recorded data can be transmitted at any time to authorized users. The robust housing of the TC3G, which is qualified, dependent on the antennae connections, at least in accordance with device protection class IP67, permits reliable operation of the machine in typical adverse everyday conditions.

Two housing variants
Appropriate selection of the antennae connection permits easy integration into the available construction space.

Freely programmable
Combined with comprehensive libraries, the Linux operating and development ecosystem facilitates rapid and independent application development.  

Networking on the machine
The TC3G can be connected to the vehicle network or the vehicle control unit via CAN bus and Ethernet so that relevant machine data (machine status, operating hours, maintenance status) can be read.

Wireless connection
The data module permits ideal wireless communication for any form of data transmission (WLAN, Bluetooth, 2G/ 3G).

Remote access & Cloud
machines.x offers comprehensive software solutions for local data analysis, connection to the “” Cloud solution as well as remote access to the machine.

Through the compliance with the standards for conformity in accordance with CE, E1 and RoHS as well as the compliance with the standards for the automotive, agricultural and construction machine industry, the TCG-4 facilitates application possibilities in extreme environmental conditions (temperatures, vibrations etc.)