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Efficient safe-guarding, distributing and diagnosing power within a very small space and with minimized assembly effort – these are the core features of the mBCX. The modular character of the mBCX makes customer-specific adaptations and the integration into the vehicle control system possible.

The mBCX product family is responsible for the safe-guarding, the distribution, the switching and the control of electrical energy in a vehicle. In addition to the safe-guarding of the individual power circuits, larger loads including lights, lamps, air conditioning systems and heating systems can be directly activated or controlled. 
We are able to offer central electrical systems which fulfil all requirements with regard to performance capability and quality thanks to a combination of connector technology in press-fit technology and our long-standing experience in control electronics with regard to design and series production. By using tried and tested modules, the new product is compatible with our portfolio and tool chain. For users, this means access to know-how over different function levels. Depending on the expansion stage, the BCX can be integrated into the CAN bus network of the vehicle. 

A further advantage is generated through the implementation of customer-specific software. This makes it possible to interlink inputs and outputs through software according to individual requirements. The connections to peripherals take place via robust connectors suitable for mobile use. Users receive function and cost-optimized solutions featuring field-tested technology through standard solutions, but also customer-specific designs and production.


We are proud of our products and solutions, but they really reveal their true colors when used by our customers. Whether digitalized, automated or electrified – mobile machines repeatedly delight with new innovations, in particular in terms of their user-friendliness, reliability and ability to integrate into work processes. Thanks to our customers, we are delighted to present a small selection here.


Our objective is to support our customers in all aspects concerning the digitalization, automation and electrification of their mobile machines. We consider the entire machine lifecycle and develop our STW product and service portfolio in alignment with this lifecycle. The ECO system, an open and holistic approach, facilitates the cross-topic integration of STW solutions. Furthermore, our product approach facilitates functional expansion through partner offers and hybrid, integrated products based on our system module.


The STW "ECO System" is characterized through the integration of systems and products which transcend the borders between solution areas. Our partners also supplement the STW product and services portfolio for the benefit of our customers. The open nature of the product portfolio permits easy integration of the products into third-party systems or the supplementation of our system through further products by third party providers.