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  • Efficient multicore processor (3 x 300 MHz)
  • Gateway module with integrated Ethernet switch and 6 x CAN 
  • Comprehensive software package with IDE, compilers and libraries for C or logi.CAD
  • Communication via CAN, Ethernet, USB, LIN and serial interfaces

The ESX.4cs-gw is the first control unit to be tailored to the fourth generation based on our new platform. The new platform is in turn based on the current AURIX family by Infineon. This AURIX family contains multicore and single core processors.
The ESX.4cs-gw (c = compact, s = small, gw = gateway) is equipped with a multicore processor with four internal processors. Three of these cores are available for the creation of your application. The fourth core serves as the lock step core for safety-oriented applications. Furthermore, the processor is equipped with the following internal memories: 8 MB Flash, 2 MB RAM and 32 kB EEPROM. An external 16 MB flash memory is also available.
As the device was designed as a central gateway module, six CAN interfaces are available in addition to the five Ethernet interfaces, four of which represent an Ethernet switch for mobile applications. Furthermore, the device can support CAN-FD. The number of I/Os (12 x In, 6 x Out) has been adapted to the concept of a gateway module.

Safety and diagnostic capability
Due to the multicore processor, one of the three cores is available purely for the safety-oriented part of your application. A .hex file is generated especially for this core. The other two cores can be used for non-safety orientated applications. Through this procedural method, the safety application can be tested, qualified and certified independent of the non-safety oriented applications. This makes the optimization or changes to the non-safety application substantially easier if the safety part remains unaffected. The controller-internal lock step core monitors different system voltages and the program sequence. If required, it switches off all outputs via a second shutdown method, or resets the safety core. Digital and analog feedback for almost all signal branches permit comprehensive diagnostics for the system including the inputs and outputs. The creation and updating of a safety-oriented application can be conveniently carried out using a safety manual and a diagnostics library.

The application software for the ESX.4cs-gw can be created highly efficiently, either in "C" or also in logi.CAD.