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The powerMELA DC-DC converter is a DC voltage converter from HVDC to LV, with an IP6K9K housing and with no active cooling.

The powerMELA DC-DC is a DC voltage converter especially conceived for use in hybrid and electric vehicles with a galvanically isolated switching regulator.
With the wide input voltage range from 400 - 800 V and the output voltage, which can be adapted at any time, the converter completely replaces the function of an alternator. In the different variants, different uses in cars, commercial vehicles and mobile machines are equally possible, and the converter can serve both as a charging device for vehicle batteries as well as for the battery-free supply of low voltage devices.

Like all powerMELA components, the powerMELA DC-DC is also characterized by its field-tested robustness.

Control unit
The control and parameterization of the powerMELA DC-DC takes place via CAN bus. Statuses and measurement values can also be queried via CAN.

The powerMELA DC-DC is only cooled via natural convection through the air. Due to the realized power and the high degree of efficiency, no active cooling is required. This permits the realization of a device which is compact in form.

Depending on which on-board network possesses the target application, the powerMELA DC-DC is available with output voltages of 12 V / 24 V / 48 V.

In order to protect itself, the powerMELA DC-DC switches off in case of overtemperature, and reduces the power in case of overvoltage.