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The powerMELA.duo280 is a drive package comprising two identical powerMELA.c140 synchronous machines, a summation gearbox with speed and temperature sensors as well as a control unit with J1939 connection.

The powerMELA.duo280 drive package was developed within the scope of the "ELIAS" sponsorship project, a battery-electric truck. As is the case for all powerMELA components, the drive package is also characterized by its field-tested robustness.

The control unit’s connection to the J1939 environment and the SAE1 flange allow easy substitution of the drive package for the combustion engine in an existing vehicle. The J1939 environment is compatible with the interface and user interfaces. The SAE1 flange can be combined with planetary gears or switch gears. The powerMELA.duo280 in particular is ideal for retrofit applications due to its easy integrability.  

Operating voltage
The drive package can be used with an intermediate circuit voltage from 400 V (vehicle range) to 800 V (commercial vehicles).

For a power of up to 160 kW (duo160), two powerMELA.c80 motors can be used in a drive package instead of the powerMELA.c140 motors. It is also possible to realize operation with only one motor equipped with suitable transmission gearing.

In combination with two powerMELA.c140 machines, the drive package achieves a rated output of up to 280 kW, and with two powerMELA.c80 units, 160 kW accordingly.