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The powerMELA.wrc inverter is a power and control electronics system equipped with oil cooling for the control of motors. Its housing fulfills the requirements for IP6K9K.

The powerMELA.wrc inverter has been designed for use in mobile machines with IT networks. This is a standalone variant of the inverters installed in the powerMELA motors. Like all powerMELA components, the inverter is also characterized through its field-tested robustness. It has been especially developed for the control of synchronous motors.

Control unit
The control of the inverters with set point values for torque, voltage and speed control takes place via CAN bus. 

Generator operation
The inverter is able to transform AC voltage into DC voltage for the operation of a generator on an electric machine.

Motor operation
The inverter is able to transform DC voltage into AC voltage for the operation of a motor on an electric machine.

The powerMELA.wrc inverter can be tailored to the requirements of a specific customer application and united with other STW components (brake chopper, insulation monitor, power distribution unit etc.) in a single housing as a modular power system box.

Compatible electric machines
One three-phase machine can be operated with up to 160 kW (1 x 6-phase) or two three-phase machines with up to 80 kW (2 x 3-phase) can be operated independently of each other in four quadrant operation.   

The extensive software toolchain for the powerMELA.wrc inverter supports you regarding the system integration.

Insulation coordination
The oil cooling used in connection with the insulation concept facilitates a dielectric strength of 6 kV.

Temperature sensors and resolver encoders can simply be connected to the interfaces provided for the purpose.