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The powerMELA.bc is an electric permanent brake equipped with oil cooling which protects against overvoltages. Its housing fulfills the requirements for the IP6K9K.

The powerMELA.bc is a component for the monitoring of the intermediate circuit voltage in the electrical system. Like all powerMELA components, the brake chopper is also characterized through its field-tested robustness. It has been especially developed for electronic braking in mobile machines.  

The brake choppers measure the intermediate circuit voltage and connect automatically when they detect the exceedance of a set threshold valve (e.g. when the vehicle is braked). High power resistors are also connected which transform the excess electrical energy into thermal energy. The generated heat is dissipated by the integrated oil cooling. The brake chopper thus protects against overvoltage in a manner comparable to an overpressure valve in pressure systems. After the vehicle is switched off, the brake chopper immediately reduces the HV voltage in the intermediate circuit and prevents risks during subsequent maintenance or repair work. 

Braking power
Due to its liquid cooling, the powerMELA.bc can provide a continuous brake power of 50 kW. Higher braking performances can also be achieved short-term.

Control unit
The parameterization for the adjustment of the brake characteristics and switching thresholds takes place via CAN.  

The braking power of the powerMELA.bc can be tailored to the requirements of a specific customer application and united with other STW components (inverter, insulation monitor, power distribution unit etc.) in a single housing as a modular power system box. 

The comprehensive software toolchain for the powerMELA.bc supports you regarding the system integration.