• Comprehensive software package with IDE, compilers and libraries for C or CODESYS IEC61131
  • Communication via CAN and serial interface
  • Maximum current 12 A

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The ESX.ioxp is a small, compact and freely-programmable control unit from the 16-bit control unit family. Due to its compact construction, it mainly facilitates the automation of small machines and attachment devices. The control unit can be used optionally with four LS outputs for the realization of motor bridges and with four PVG outputs. It features an XC2287 processor with 80 MHz by Infineon and 768-kB Flash, 1-MB-RAM- and 8-kB EEPROM memory.

The application software for the ESX.ioxp can be created highly efficiently either in "C" or in CODESYS V2.3 IEC61131. In the programming interface, numerous convenient functions such as current controllers and ramp functions for outputs or frequency averaging for inputs are integrated.