Energy Distribution and System Safety

  • Customer-specific integration of various components
  • Safe energy distribution from the modular kit
  • Protection against overvoltages
  • Safe coupling and decoupling
  • Reliable conversion of excess energy

The product family comprises components which simply make the HV system of a mobile machine safe.

The components help to interconnect and monitor the HV system. A brake chopper monitors the high-voltage network and protects it against overvoltages. The powerMELA-BC can be controlled in a defined manner as an electric brake.

Customer-specific insulation monitors, fuses and contactors can be optionally integrated into the HV PDU (Power Distribution Unit). The HV KM (coupling module) ensures safe coupling and decoupling to and from high-voltage networks with high power.


Connection Box

  • Up to 70 mm² single wire
  • 360° shield
  • Common mode current
  • Easy to connect
Connection Box

Connection Box

  • Distributor box
  • 6 x HV DC
  • Protection class IP6k9k

Coupling Module

  • 700 VDC nominal voltage
  • 230 A nominal current
  • Controller for secure on/off function
  • Precharge of capacitors up to 10 mF
  • Discharge to safe voltage in < 2 sec
  • ISOBUS support
Coupling Module

Coupling Module

  • HV coupling module with pre-charging unit
  • AEF connector for agriculture use
  • Protection class IP6k9k

Brake Chopper

  • Up to 800 VDC nominal voltage
  • 500 kW max. power
  • Isolation guard
  • Optional control via 2 x CAN bus
  • Weight 53 kg
Brake Chopper

Brake Chopper

  • 50 kW continuous brake pwoer
  • 650 VDC nominal voltage
  • Protection class IP6k9k


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