Strain Sensors

  • Patented assembly
  • Fast replacement in case of Service requirements
  • High repeat accuracy from sensor to sensor
  • Digital (CAN bus) and analog output signal
  • High robustness

Strain gauges measure the sag on steel arms, for example, in various directions. In this way, forces, weights or vibrations can be indirectly recorded. Conventional strain gauges are hard to assemble and put into operation. The strain gauge addresses this topic with a patented assembly technology.

Assembly can take place directly in production; in case of service requirements, the sensor can be replaced on-site. Through the adoption of the calibration data, the replaced strain gauge can be put into operation without another alignment having to be conducted, so that the system can be made ready for operation again within the shortest possible time.



  • Range -2.200…+2.200 µm/m
  • Temperature range -25…85°C
  • High repeatability from sensor to sensor
  • Proven in hydraulic drive control
  • Available as individual units


  • Strain gauge
  • CAN-Bus 2.0B and current output
  • Patented assembly technology
  • Easy to service


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