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Seminar ID 82267
Identifier TELEGS
Course type Classroom Based Training
Duration 1 Day
Target audience Technicians, Developers, Project Managers
Price 1500 €


The course includes an overview of the features and characteristics of the TCG family as well as the commissioning and basic configuration of a telematics module. Here, the CAN bus and the connection to the are configured by means of the graphical configuration interface machines.insight. Selected features of for the interaction with the telematics module are explained.

The course is intended for technicians, developers and project managers who use telematics modules and for data management or want to evaluate the solution.


The participant

  • Knows the hardware and software components required to operate the
  • solution
  • Can commission a telematics module of the TCG family for use with
  • Can configure a telematics module of the TCG family with the corresponding tools to provide
  • the required data
  • Can administrate the telematics module in and manage the sent data



Course Content

  • Overview of hardware and software components
    • Telematics modules of the TCG family
    • Graphical on-board user interface machines.insight
    • IoT platform
  • Commission the telematics module
    • Minimum requirements for operation
    • Setting up and configuring machines.insight
    • Diagnosis and monitoring
  • Introduction to
    • Administration of the platform
    • Register modules in Device Management
    • Visualize transmitted data in the cockpit

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