Principles of power electrification

Course type Classroom Based Training
Duration 1 Day
Target audience Deciders, Developers
Price 690 €


The course includes possible use cases for changing from conventional to electrical drive trains. The main components for the implementation of electrical drive trains are presented.


The participant

  • Knows about the opportunities to change from conventional to electrical drive trains
  • Knows the most important components to implement electrical drive trains
  • Is able to call the advantages of electrical drive trains against conventional drive trains



Course Content

  • System solutions for mobile machines
    • Energy generating components
    • Energy consuming components
    • Power Management
    • High voltage network
    • Safety concept
  • Use cases
  • Advantages of electrical drive trains in mobile machines
  • Technical concepts of the drive train
  • Energy supply
    • Diesel electric
    • Pure electric

Individual Training

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