System design in electrification projects

Seminar ID 86227
Identifier MELASYS
Course type Classroom Based Training
Duration 1 Day
Target audience Developers, System Integrators
Price 2450 €


The course contains an introduction to the system design in electrification projects. The interaction of components for generation of energy, power management, drive and absorption of excessive energy is explained.

The course is intended for developers and system integrators to deepen their overall system knowledge and about solutions with STW’s powerMELA components.

The theoretical course content will be deepened with demonstrated examples from practice.


The participant

  • Knows typical system topologies for electrification projects
  • Knows the main steps how to change from hydraulic to electric systems
  • Knows the most important properties and dependencies of/between the main components in
  • an electrical system


Basic knowledge as conveyed in the course „ principles of power electrification

Course Content

  • Basic Electrification Systems
    • Topologies of electrified power trains
    • Converting a hydraulic system to an electric system
    • Voltage ranges
  • Electric drives
    • Motor design and motor types
    • Cooling concepts
    • Generator systems
  • Energy Converters
    • Properties of Converters
    • Brake Choppers
    • DC-DC Converters
  • Battery and charger systems
    • Chemical basics
    • Battery management
    • Standards, types and plugs for charging systems
  • Energy distribution and safety
    • Power distribution unit
    • Protection measures against electric shock
    • Selfdischarge and discharge current
    • Insulation measurement
  • Power Management
  • Application examples

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