With our eDrive products, we offer solutions for electric machine driving and the recovery of energy. Our focus is placed on the electrification of mobile machines and utility vehicles in performance classes between 50 kW and 300 kW. Through numerous electrification projects, we are in a position to support our customers in the design of their systems and to integrate further actuators/sensors or also components outside our product portfolio into our solutions.

One possible constellation is the combination of two system products as depicted on the right. The eDCU receives drive related signals via J1939 and controls speed and torque with respect to the power management requirements. Furthermore safety related inputs like direction of rotation, speed and torque are monitored. The drive comprises a powerMELA.duo280, using which two drives can be coupled through a summation gearbox. The synchronization between the machines is integrated and realized via the Sync CAN-Bus. Naturally, the eDCU can be replaced by a different control device and the powerMELA.duo280 can be replaced by a different motor.

Such systems permit the possibility of electrifying utility vehicles as well as construction machinery and special-purpose vehicles.


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