Collaborative Prototyping

"Collaborative prototyping" accelerates development projects, especially in the field of mobile machinery. Here, the many years of experience of STW and its partners are pooled to jointly develop technological solutions. In fields such as robotics and automation, this co-operation is becoming increasingly important in shaping the innovations of tomorrow and driving constant progress.

Innovation studies are essential to assess the need for, and feasibility of, new technological developments. For example, risks can be recognized at an early stage and resources can be saved. Early studies ensure that the prototype development goes in the right direction and that a mature and marketable product is created as a result. STW attaches great importance to harmonious and effective cooperation between the partners in order to make the best possible use of synergies and maximize the benefits of the joint expertise.

Different perspectives and competences flow into the development process and increase the quality and diversity of the developed products. Collaborative prototyping improves both the speed and quality of innovation, which is crucial in today's fast moving world of technological progress.