In order to realize the benefits of digitalization, the data collected on the machine needs to be accessible. We make this possible with our TCG family of telemetry modules. The modules enable networking of machines with each other, and a connection to the cloud-based platforms of the operator, owner or manufacturer of the machines. Finally, both wired and wireless connections can also be realized, directly with a PC or smart device. 

This is all made possible by the large number of wired and wireless interfaces in our TCG family modules. For example, a service technician can access the machine via Wi-Fi or Ethernet or import updates via USB. Using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or RFID, the machine operator can establish a connection between his smart device and the machine.

Internet and cloud connectivity can be implemented via mobile communications or by integrating the machine into an existing Wi-Fi network with an Internet connection. Thus, the machine manufacturer who adopts our TCG modules is free to choose his preferred connectivity solution.

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While we are proud of our products and solutions, it is through our customers’ applications that the power in the innovative technology is unleashed.  Whether fully networked, highly automated, or operating fully autonomously, an effective mobile machine represents first class interdisciplinary engineering. Robust and safe integration into the system architecture of the machine and its work processes, while remaining convenient and user friendly, is the main focus. With thanks to our customers, here we would like to present a small selection of example applications.