SMX.igs-a (safety / non safety)


The SMX.igs-a provides the measurement data via a CAN interface.
The sensor has ECE type approval for road use.


The robust inclination sensors of the SMX.igs-a series offer the user full IMU functionality. The accelerations and rotation rates in 3 axes are measured and output. The sensors also provide inclination values in all three axes.

Depending on the sensor type, various configurable filter algorithms are available to the user to improve the stability of the measured values.

In addition to Butterworth and critically damped low-pass filters, a Kalman filter can be activated for dynamic applications. This makes the sensor ideal for use in dynamic applications such as mobile machinery.

The measured values are passed on to host control systems via a CAN, CANopen, CANopen Safety or SAE J1939 interface.

The protocol and measuring range are freely selectable. The STW open source software platform openSYDE is also supported, enabling the sensor to be integrated quickly and easily into existing and new applications. Preconfigured projects and dashboards help with quick and uncomplicated commissioning of the SMX sensors.

The robust die-cast housing with an M12 plug/socket combination completes the sensor.