ESX.3xm: CODESYS V3 Safety

课程账号 76105
课程类别 Classroom Based Training
持续时间 3 Days
目标客户 Developers
价格 2970 €


The course explains the features of CODESYS V3 Safety, how STW implemented the requirements for SIL2 und how the developers have to implement the requirements within their applications. Further contents are preparing traceability and the separation of safety and non-safety code in the application, hardware diagnosis of the ESX.3xm controller and the usage of the KEFEX tool chain. The commissioning will be practically executed using the CODESYS V3 Safety Template.


The participant

  • Knows the different requirements for programming of safety and non-safety applications
  • Knows the STW technical documentation and is able to use it for target-oriented research
  • Knows the various tools and libraries of STW software packages and is able to use them for
  • programming of safety applications
  • Commissioning of an application with the safety template
  • Knows the requirements to accomplish a certification for a safety application


Programming of controllers with CODESYS V3.

Course Content

  • Introduction to the hardware of the ESX.3xm
  • Introduction to CODESYS V3 Safety, differences to the standard system
  • Important features
    • Effects on the safety in CODESYS V3
    • Non interfering part of the code
  • Update of the development environment to CODESYS
  • V3 Safety with the STW-software package
  • Implementation of safety requirements by STW:
    • Manual [H1] CODESYS Safety SIL2 - OEM Integration Manual
    • Requirements for programming safety applications: Manual [H2] CODESYS Safety SIL2 - IEC Programming Guidelines
  • Overview CODESYS V3 ESX.3xm SIL2 User & Safety Manual
    • Structure of the information
    • Preparing traceability
  • Separation of safety relevant and non-safety relevantparts of the application’s code
  • Hardware diagnosis library for the STW ESX.3xm
  • Parametrization of the ESX.3xm by using the STW-solution
  • KEFEX RAMView and der KEFEX V2 driver library
  • Commissioning with the included CODESYS V3 safety template