ESX.3xm: Programming of the controller with C for safety projects

课程账号 76108
课程类别 Classroom Based Training
持续时间 3 Days
目标客户 Developers
价格 2970 €


The course explains the hardware functions and the programming of the standard systems of the ESX- 3XM controller in C. Further contents are the introduction to the safety layer and the SIL2 diagnosis and the difference between standard API and safety API.

The course is intended for developers, who will program own safety applications for the ESX.3xm.


The participant

  • Knows hard- and software requirements for programming the ESX.3xm
  • Knows the STW technical documentation and is able to use it for target-oriented research
  • Knows the requirements for programming of safety applications
  • Is able to program own safety applications with C and the STW software package
  • Knows the debugger solutions
  • Is able to upload software on the ESX.3xm, change parameters and monitor the controller


Basic knowledge of programming electronic controllers.

Programming skills in the programming language "C".

Course Content

  • Introduction to the hardware of the ESX.3xm
    • Mainboard, pin assignment, EEPROM
    • Inputs / Outputs, extension boards
    • Hardware functions, configuration options
  • Software (standard system)
  • Programming of the standard system
  • Requirements for the programming in SIL-2 / PLd projects (safety manual)
  • Introduction to the safety layer
    • ESX.3xm safety BIOS with memory protection
    • Software safety API for the creation of SIL-2 / PLd applications
    • Difference to the standard API / additional functions
  • Introduction to the SIL2 diagnosis
  • Diagnosis library for safety projects
  • Debugger
    • Introduction to the hardware and software solution
    • Demonstration of the Lauterbach hardware debugger