NVM Parameters

课程账号 VT005
课程类别 Video
持续时间 17 min
目标客户 Developers
价格 free of charge €


This video tutorial explains the creation and use of NVM datapools for parameters stored in the EEPROM of a controller with openSYDE. Changing the parameters in the EEPROM, updating the RAM copy, saving in parameter set image format and writing the parameters directly to the EEPROM during flashing of a controller are demonstrated with a practical example.


The participant

  • Can edit NVM datapools with the Parametrization Widget and modify them in the controller with openSYDE
  • Can modify parameters and update them in EEPROM and RAM copy
  • Can create parameter set images with an active controller
  • Can include parameter set images in update packages in openSYDE and write to the controller with openSYDE or SYDEsup



Course Content

  • Use cases for NVM Datapools
  • Introduction to an existing sample project from the Target Support Package of ESX.3cs
    • NVM Datapools and parameter lists
    • Dashboards for visualization
    • Parametrization widget for access to parameters
    • Parameters in EEPROM and RAM copy
    • Voltage measurement and calibration by an offset parameter
  • Parameter Set Image
    • Backup options for parameters
    • Recording of a parameter set image
  • Updating a controller
    • Creation of an update package
    • Updating the controller with openSYDE
    • Creation of a service update package
    • Updating the controller with SYDEsup

The video is available for watching on the STW YouTube Channel.