At the end of June, the Kaufbeuren-based company Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) was awarded for its force of innovation by BOMAG, the international market leaders in the compaction technology sector, at the Ehrenburg near Brodenbach.

For over 20 years now, STW has supplied control units, I/O modules, sensors and operating and display elements in a mixture of standard products and customer-specific systems to BOMAG. In particular the readiness of STW to always strike out on new paths in the development and adaptation of the products has convinced BOMAG. STW was also able to reliably implement the appropriate requirements on the robustness of the solutions. STW received the award for the collaborative development of the “Economizer”. The “Economizer” is a display unit for compaction conditions which links and assesses the sensor data using specially-developed algorithms. The most recent orientation of STW regarding the support of data management and connectivity with innovative on-board modules and associated cloud services has also impressed the company. Along with the A-supplier of the Year 2016 certificate, the Innovation Award was handed over to Sonja Wiedemann, Managing Director of STW, and Sales Manager Klaus Gnahm, by Timo Löw, Head of Electrical Engineering, Jens Gick, Manager Global Purchasing, and Oliver Michel, Commodity Manager Electricals.

About STW:

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH (STW) is a manufacturer of sophisticated electronic solutions in the fields of automation, networking and electrification technology. Since 1985, STW has developed to become and internationally-active company with 440 employees, which serves both small and medium-sized companies as well as leading OEMs. During the development an manufacture of solutions, STW is able to lean on its know-how, technology and infrastructure, which permit both small piece quantities and series production. The product range comprises of control solutions, connectivity and telematics, electrification technology and E-mobility as well as sensors and measuring technology. The products by STW have mainly been designed for the mobile machine market. Solutions are also developed or produced according to customer specifications for other markets such as the industrial or medical technology sectors. Together with its partners, STW realises projects within the scope of sensors, micro and performance electronics and the embedded and application programming. Here safety-relevant solutions are also covered.

About BOMAG:

BOMAG is the world market leader in the compaction technology sector and manufactures machines for earth, asphalt and waste compaction, stabilisers/recyclers and milling cutters and finishers. Compaction devices by BOMAG are used in gardening and landscape gardening, all areas of road construction and even for heavy dam constructions. BOMAG also supplies special solutions for application on landfill sites of all sizes and for the recycling of damaged blacktops and to ground stabilisation. BOMAG is the global market leader in the measurement, documentation and inspection of compaction work, both during the compaction process and afterwards. Due to the multitude of possible equipment versions and the worldwide activities of compaction experts, BOMAG machines are suitable for a wide diversity of different requirements.