A great TCG-4, starting with the price

Recording and processing machine data, and networking the world of mobile machines with each other and with the Internet – that is the TCG-4lite in a nutshell. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies in combination with an open Linux operating system, high integration capabilities and reliability are achieved.

The TCG-4 Data & Connectivity Platform
The Connectivity & Data Management module TCG-4lite is the latest, highest-performance member of the TCG product family. With its many new communications interfaces and powerful processor, innovative business models are possible in the field of digitalization.
Here 4G, CAN, USB and IoT technologies are used amongst other things. The integrated receiver for satellite-supported navigation (GNSS) permits exact positioning of the machine. All data recorded can be transmitted to authorized users at any time. 

FFF Form Fit Function compatibility
The housing, connector and software compatibility within the TCG product family mean high investment security with simultaneous further development of the latest technologies. Therefore, the TCG-4lite continues to provide the same practical form factor, and the same pin-compatible connector. The comprehensive range of functions in the fully developed software libraries as well as the seamless connection to the Cloud serve to enhance the product.

4G (LTE) 
The TCG-4lite connects the machine with the Internet via 4G (3G / 2G deviation alternative) mobile phone technology. In this way, the mobile data connection can also be upheld in regions in which no 3G/2G networks are available.

Freely programmable
With its comprehensive libraries, the Linux operating, and development ecosystem facilitates rapid and independent application development.

Performant data processing
The high-performance processor unit in combination with a high storage capacity permits data preprocessing on the module prior to transmission, and further processing through Cloud services (edge computing).

Remote access & Cloud
The TCG-4lite connects easily to a wide variety of cloud providers such as AWS, Azure or At the same time, a generic MQTT connector enables the connection of further cloud solutions.

Through the compliance with the standards for conformity in accordance with CE, E1 and RoHS as well as the maintenance of the standards for the automotive, agricultural and construction machine industry, the TCG-4lite facilitates application possibilities in extreme environmental conditions (temperatures, vibrations etc.)