The best possible product availability

Kaufbeuren, 30.11.2021 - STW from Kaufbeuren, Germany, has optimized its allocation management. The specialists for automation and digitization of mobile machines are maximizing their independence from the delivery capabilities of suppliers. The goal is to achieve the best possible product availability.

The year 2021 has been characterized by supply bottlenecks in the raw materials industry. From metals to microchips, the components were either barely available or they were subject to strong inflation and high surcharges. For electronic device manufacturers such as STW, these are foreseeably difficult conditions, especially with very high demand for intelligent components and rapidly growth in the market for smart mobile machines. STW is proactively addressing this challenge and has been optimizing allocation management for several months.

To achieve this, a dedicated team from purchasing, product management, development, sales and component management is working to ensure maximum availability of STW's control technology and sensor products. STW have expanded their Inventories on a large scale, in some cases by up to 80 percent, and acquired the necessary storage space. This will help compensate for any discontinuations or supply interruptions in the raw materials industries.

In view of increasing shortages in some raw materials, the extent to which these measures will be sufficient for the coming year is difficult to predict. However, whatever comes, the team at STW will be working intensively to ensure an optimum supply continuity for the benefit of their customers.

About STW

STW is an internationally active company headquartered in Kaufbeuren, Germany.  We have produced outstanding solutions for the automation and digitization of mobile machines for more than 35 years. With our modular system of generic and customer-specific products, systems and software solutions, we support our customers with our innovative technology in making their machines the best in the world.

For our customers, we represent a partner to accompany them in the engineering and integration of new technology. With our modular system of interoperable components, compatible products and systems from our global partner network and our extensive software toolchain openSYDE, we help OEMs increase the performance and efficiency of their machines, enhance safety, and meet the emerging technology challenges. Our ready to use connectivity solutions enable machine-to-X communication, making networking with cloud platforms and the integration of the mobile machine into business processes possible.