• Comprehensive software package with openSYDE, IDE, compiler and libraries for C or IEC61131 (logi.CAD3)
  • Communication via CAN and serial interface
  • Maximum current 12 A

The ESX.4ct is a small compact and freely programmable control unit featuring the latest processor and input / output technologies. With a the compact housing, it facilitates the automation of small machines and attachments  and can also be used as a controller for dedicated tasks in more complex systems.  A range of different I/O configurations are available. The inputs can be configured for different functionalities and the half bridge outputs can also be used to drive PVG valves.

One core of the Aurix TC367 is used for application programming. Thanks to the platform concept, application code can be re-used across  STW’s 4th controller generation.


The application software for the ESX.4ct can be developed with the open and freely available open source openSYDE software suite from STW. It offers the possibility to map and test functionalities in "C" and ) in Structured Text (ST) according to IEC61131 (logi.CAD3. Numerous practical functions, such as current controllers and ramp functions for outputs or frequency averaging for inputs are integrated in the programming interface.