• Permanent measurement of the machine inclination 
  • Limit values for warning messages can be defined 
  • Recording of values in case of limit value violations
  • Shock detection 
  • Cloud connection 

The TCG in combination with the inclination application are able to monitor and determine the inclination of a vehicle continuously. This monitoring system prevents motor breakdowns or tilting of the machine on steep slopes.
A limit value for the inclination can be defined in the assistant. In case of limit value violations, an action is triggered. The superordinate control unit reacts to these CAN messages. As an alterative, the action can trigger a notification to the machine operator via a smartphone, a tablet or 
All the required information, such as the place and time, relevant machine values as well as the inclination are recorded by the system and can be depicted as required. The inclination assistant can be combined with the documentation assistant.