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The VSX displays possess characteristics for tasks which demand functional safety. These start with the Xilinx processor and the FPGAs with MicroBlaze processors for the realization of redundant and therefore safe functionality

Due to their special hardware architecture, the devices in the VSX series facilitate the display of initial information as well as the processing of protocols immediately after starting up. 
The programming of the VSX displays takes place via the intuitive, graphic development interface DevKit, in which the end user already receives 35 conveniently configurable elements for standard HMI functions, the so-called widgets, which are also compliant with SIL2. DevKit can be used with Windows or Linux.
The processors permit the parallel creation of images, a comparison of the results and reliable presentation. Individual elements can be visualized in the display and the assessment of analog camera signals takes place within a secure context. Due to the separate image processing, the main processor and memory are not placed under strain, meaning that they continue to perform at full power. 
Safety also includes input via the touchscreen or keys as well as the possibility for use of the communications interfaces in safety functions. 

The flexibility of the VSX product family is also reflected in the installation possibilities. A panel mount front is available for accurate installation into dashboards, which can be easily mounted into the vehicle through integrated threaded bolts. The RAM mount front offers the possibility to install the VSX display in combination with various ball joints, without having to make adaptations to the machine.

The “Professional” variant is the premium model in the VSX series. Here the highest requirements on memory and interfaces are covered. In addition, this variant exclusively offers the possibility of installing expansion boards so that individual requirements can be perfectly catered for.