The SMX.dms-a provides a digital (CAN bus) and an analog output signal and is extremely robust.
The sensor has an ECE type approval for vehicles           

Strain sensors measure deflections, e.g. of steel arms, in various directions. In this way, forces, weights or vibrations can be indirectly recorded.
The previously available strain sensor DMS has been revised completely and is now available in an optimized version. The newly developed hardware allows a lower height for the housing. The assembly points are identical to those of the predecessor product, thus enabling the seamless transition in already existing applications.  As before, both an analog and a digital output are available. Furthermore, the STW open-source Software Platform openSYDE is supported, which allows easy integration into already existing systems and is used for the commissioning of sensors.
Conventional strain sensors are hard to install and put into operation. Due to its optimized connection technology, the installation of the DMS can be very well integrated into the production process of e.g. mobile machines. The sensor is intended either for direct mounting or it can be delivered preassembled with an optional carrier plate.
In case of servicing, the sensor can be easily replaced on site. As the configuration data are adopted, the new sensor can be put into operation without requiring further alignment, meaning that the system is ready for operation again within a very short time.


While we are proud of our products and solutions, it is through our customers’ applications that the power in the innovative technology is unleashed.  Whether fully networked, highly automated, or operating fully autonomously, an effective mobile machine represents first class interdisciplinary engineering. Robust and safe integration into the system architecture of the machine and its work processes, while remaining convenient and user friendly, is the main focus. With thanks to our customers, here we would like to present a small selection of example applications.



We support our customers as a partner for the digitization and automation of mobile machines and the related work processes. Our comprehensive and highly interoperable STW modular system of high quality sensing, control and software products ensures a problem free integration in the final application.


As experts in all aspects of functional safety, we offer services in high level automation in the field of mobile machines, including autonomous functions and driving. Our STW ecosystem includes a comprehensive partner network of system integrators and distributors to ensure an optimal solution for every application, worldwide.


We accompany our customers from the start whenever the E/E system in mobile machines is concerned. For this purpose, we develop solutions to support the entire machine lifecycle. We offer our competence, our services, our products and the associated tools in the individual phases in order to make an efficient and continuous contribution towards the success of the machine. 



The STW "ECO System" is characterized through the integration of systems and products which transcend the borders between solution areas. Our partners also supplement the STW product and services portfolio for the benefit of our customers. The open nature of the product portfolio permits easy integration of the products into third-party systems or the supplementation of our system through further products by third party providers.