The STW modular system concept

At STW, we are experts in the automation and digitization of mobile machinery. Our modular system concept offers a variety of compatible products and services that make innovative functions and systems efficient and intuitive to implement. Our extensive domain knowledge ensures an optimal solution for each individual application. In partnership with machine manufacturers, we support the integration of our hardware modules into the system architecture so that innovative machines and functions can be quickly brought to the market.


How to assemble the STW modular system concept

The STW modular system concept combines our many years of expertise in the digitalization and automation of mobile machines with our quest to provide user-friendly integration of outstanding machine solutions. Thanks to open interfaces, the highly compatible products from our control and sensor catalogue ensure optimal solutions for machine control can be created efficiently and intuitively. With corresponding software tools and support, the programming of new applications is greatly simplified. Our unique combination of hardware and software expertise enables the machine manufacturer to significantly minimize development time and cost.


As a partner of premium manufacturers, we concentrate on digitizing and automating the desired application so that the machine manufacturers can focus on their core competence: designing the best possible machine for the market.

A global partner network of distributors and integrators ensures support for all aspects of the STW system, regardless of where in the world your machine is being developed.

What we do in the STW modular system concept