The sensor was specifically developed for measuring cylinder pressure in combustion engines and other high-performance measuring applications.  The core technology for pressure measurement is our thin-film sensing element, which is welded directly to the pressure connector. Materials for the medium-contacting parts have been selected to take account of future fuels such as methanol, ammonia and hydrogen.

With the sensors high pressures can be measured at high temperatures in the cylinders of diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines, either continuously on-engine or periodically.

The enables applications in both engine research and development as well as in daily use on engines in ships, electrical power generation and cogeneration, rail traction and compressor sets.

According to application, the sensors can be configured for cylinder pressure up to 300 bar and above.

To assist rapid integration of the sensor, STW‘s  openSYDE open-source software platform offers comprehensive configuration for both new and existing use cases.