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The BCX.4cs-ag is a central electronic unit that combines the advantages of a central electric unit and an electronic control unit in one device. It meets the same high vibration requirements as our control units and with to its IP6K9 sealed housing is destined for use in harsh environments, for example that of towed agricultural machinery. The unit can be installed in inaccessible places because no electromechanical components are used.   This also makes it possible to switch, diagnose, protect and distribute electrical power efficiently in the smallest space and with minimal installation effort. The BCX.4cs-ag, like all of our controllers, can also be integrated into a vehicle network.

The BCX.4cs-ag is designed as a central on-board power supply control unit for agricultural implements with and without ISO bus. It takes over the fuse protection, distribution, switching and regulation of the electrical energy on these implements.

Thanks to the certified ISO bus hardware, nothing stands in the way of operation on the ISO bus. Alternatively, the BCX.4cs-ag can be operated via a separate display. 

In addition to fusing the individual circuits, larger loads, such as lights and motors, can also be switched or controlled directly. Multifunctional inputs that can be configured via software are available for reading in signals on the implement.

The BCX.4cs-ag integrates central electrics and control for the attachment in one device. We achieve this by combining our experience in the development of central electrics with our many years of experience in the development and series production of control electronics. This enables us to offer on-board power supply control units that meet all performance and quality requirements of agricultural machinery. By using proven modules, the new product is compatible with our existing portfolio and Software Platform openSYDE. This means that the user can apply their know-how across different functional levels.