Whistleblower Protection
Information for whistleblowers

Compliance with statutory regulations and internal rules is a high priority for STW. In order to counteract undesirable developments, violations should be identified at an early stage so that countermeasures can be initiated and any possible damage to employees, customers, suppliers, service providers or the company can be prevented.

Our whistleblower system is designed to give you the opportunity to report violations of legal regulations and/or compliance rules and thus contribute to their detection.

For example, you can report violations in the following areas:

  • Data protection and the security of network and information systems
  • Financial services and products, money laundering, terrorism
  • Consumer protection
  • Public health
  • Public procurement
  • Product safety
  • Food safety

In the event that you have concrete, well-founded indications of serious legal violations or breaches of regulations in our company, or suspect such violations, we have commissioned an expert and reliable service provider to assist:

UIMCert GmbH, Otto-Hausmann-Ring 113, 42115 Wuppertal, Germany.

Phone: 0202 / 946 772 66 111

E-mail: meldestelle.stw@uimcert.de

Currently, there are no regulatory reporting bodies at national or EU level. As soon as these are defined, we will inform you about this.

If you have questions, then please have a look at the FAQ . Alternatively, you can contact the above-mentioned reporting office directly.

Please note the data protection information.