F02 Safety

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The F02 has been designed for application in systems which require a pressure transmitter with functional safety. It is based on the tried and tested type M01, and has a thin-film measurement cell made from stainless steel which is welded together with the pressure sensor and thus guarantees high media compatibility.

The sensor possesses an ECE-Type approval verifying its suitability for use in vehicles. 

The F02 Safety is available for pressure ranges to 1,200 bar. The sensor signal is made available at two outputs in parallel, whereby the second output represents an inverted signal. Users can choose between a ratiometric and an 4-20-mA output in three-wire technology. Due to the two-channel architecture, it is possible for a downstream control unit to not only check the functionality of the F02 Safety, but also to monitor the signal path. This allows the use in safety-relevant applications, which require a Performance Level PL d, AgPL d or SIL 2. The maximum permitted media temperature range extends from -40…+125 °C. The total accuracy in the compensated range of 0…+80 °C lies at <= 1 % FS. The maximum possible flexibility during integration into an existing machine is ensured through the provision of a multitude of available pressure connections as well as the small construction. The electrical contact takes place either via a 5-pole M12 or a Deutsch DT04 connector.