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  • Safety level SIL2 / PL d / ASIL B*
  • Efficient multicore processor (3 x 300 MHz)
  • Gateway module with integrated Ethernet switch and 6 x CAN 
  • Comprehensive software package with IDE, compilers and libraries for C or logi.CAD
  • Communication via CAN, Ethernet- and serial interfaces

As a gateway ("gw"), the electronic compact control ESX.4cs-gw by STW connects various components and functional areas of mobile machines via different communication paths (CAN, Ethernet, LIN), making all data available in a bundled form and thus providing an overview in increasingly complex systems. This way, it addresses two central tasks in the control of driving and working functionalities.
On the one hand, thanks to its computing power, the ESX.4cs-gw can act as an intelligent main computer which monitors tasks of other control units and I/O nodes via its interfaces. On the other hand, it combines already existing decentralized structures into one system, providing the machine designer with the resulting advantages such as central diagnostics or central access.

More cores, communicative and compact
The ESX.4cs-gw can draw on extensive resources for this. As the first representative of STW's fourth generation of control units, the ESX.4cs-gw is the first to feature a processor with three cores (Infineon Aurix). Six CANbus interfaces and a total of five Ethernet interfaces make the ESX.4cs-gw a true communication wonder. With the help of a managed quadruple 100 Mbit/s Ethernet switch, large amounts of data can be forwarded in a targeted manner in the system without using processor power. Optionally, Single Pair Ethernet (100Base-T1) and a 1 Gbit/s Ethernet (1000Base-T) port can be operated via the switch. An additional 100 Mbit/s Ethernet port is available for diagnostic purposes.
As an extremely compact control unit in a small housing ("s"), the ESX.4cs-gw offers three different types for a total of twelve configurable analog and digital inputs (some with SENT functionality). Fixed and programmable supply voltages from 5 to 12 V are provided for supplying the sensors. 4 x 4 A high-side outputs with a second switch-off path complete the hardware functional range of the control unit. The system LED and a freely programmable LED can be conveniently used as indicators via two viewing windows.

Ways to the application
There are several ways to develop the application software for the ESX.4cs-gw: The open and freely available open source development and life cycle management tool openSYDE by STW offers the possibility to map and test functionalities in "C" as well as according to IEC61131 (logi.CAD3) in Structured Text (ST) and Matlab.
Even older, already existing systems can be configured, managed and updated with openSYDE. Using the numerous pre-installed widgets in openSYDE, data pools that are available via CAN or Ethernet can easily be displayed graphically and clearly, and used in HMIs or cloud solutions. Numerous convenience functions such as current controllers and ramp functions for outputs or frequency averaging for inputs are already integrated.
Additional libraries include CANopen, J1939 or ISOBUS* to simplify system integration. An 8 MB flash memory, 2 MB RAM and a 32 kB EEPROM are available for the customer application. Extensive tables or cyclically recorded data can be processed either via an external 128 Mbit flash memory or a 512 kbyte FRAM.

Robust, as usual
Like all control units of the ESX family, the ESX.4cs-gw is designed to withstand the harsh requirements of the world of mobile machines. It is also suitable for safety-related applications up to Performance Level PL d, Safety Integrity Level SIL2 and ASIL B*. The control unit in an aluminum pressure die casting housing is equipped with a pressure compensation element and has a tightness of IP6k5k / IP67k, without the use of M12 plugs even up to IP6k9k.

*Scheduled Feature