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The P01 is based on the proven pressure transmitter type M01. The integrated electronic switches (NPN or PNP) can be pre-configured in the factory, or alternatively, software is available which allows adjustment by the customer.

The P01 pressure switch has been especially designed for use in mobile machinery. The EMC properties as well as the shock and vibration resistance are specified particularly for these applications. This makes the PO1 perfect for use in harsh environmental conditions, such as those found in mobile hydraulics. The P01 is available in pressure ranges up to 2000 bar. Depending on the measuring cell type, the maximum permissible media temperature is 150 ºC with a maximum ambient temperature of 125 ºC. The wetted parts are made of stainless steel, and in combination with the welded thin film measuring cells, ensure a high media compatibility. To dampen pressure peaks, integrated damping in the media channel is available as an option.