The Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Farming or Construction 4.0 are changing the way work is done on construction sites, in forestry and agriculture, and in municipal operations. The increasing digitization of mobile working machines is a central pillar of these new processes. Collecting, evaluating and transmitting operating data is the digital basis on which machine availability can be optimized and operating processes automated.   Using digitization for the success of your own company is both an opportunity and a challenge.
We support manufacturers of mobile machines as partners in tapping their digitalization potential. To make this happen, we offer end-to-end IT solutions for mobile machinery. Our solutions and technologies help you to further increase the availability and returns of your machines and thus to secure your company's success in the long term.


Safety, reliability and conformity to standards represent essential values for our products. Therefore, we rely purely on high-quality and proven technologies to create solutions for your mobile machine.


While we are proud of our products and solutions, it is through our customers’ applications that the power in the innovative technology is unleashed.  Whether fully networked, highly automated, or operating fully autonomously, an effective mobile machine represents first class interdisciplinary engineering. Robust and safe integration into the system architecture of the machine and its work processes, while remaining convenient and user friendly, is the main focus. With thanks to our customers, here we would like to present a small selection of example applications.