As an innovation leader in the automation of mobile machinery, we are continuously working to identify the applications of tomorrow. We analyze the trends of leading industries and implement them according to the needs of mobile machinery, such as in the agricultural, construction, municipal and forestry machinery segments. Our activities focus on cutting-edge technologies in software and hardware, which form the basis for high automation and autonomously operating mobile machines. Based on the modular STW system concept, we develop solutions that fuse state-of-the-art technologies from control and sensor technology with, for example, artificial intelligence. The results are concepts and demonstrators that set standards in the areas of driver assistance, high automation and autonomous driving and working.

FutureTech in agriculture: precision, automation and networking with advanced technologies

STW will be demonstrating the power of the new High Performance Computing Platform (HPX) with the FutureTech demonstration setup at Agritechnica 2023. This new high-performance electronic control unit is specially designed for mobile machines with highly automated or autonomous functionality. With the HPX, large amounts of data can be processed in real time. This enables, for example, object recognition through image processing and artificial intelligence, as required for the precise detection and handling of plants and harvested products.

The HPX fits seamlessly into the STW product portfolio and can be configured with STW's open source software suite openSYDE. This allows users to configure and connect components such as the SMX.igs-e inertial measurement unit, the TCG-4 connectivity and data management module, the powerful ESX.4cs controller and products from STW partners such as the ArkVision Cam to create a complete system.

We develop innovative solutions for agriculture and forestry together with our customers and support them as partners in the integration of our hardware modules into the system architecture. Feel free to contact us with your ideas!