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The M01 has been developed especially for use in commercial vehicles and mobile machines. A thin-film measurement cell made from stainless steel which is welded together with the pressure sensor and thus guarantees high media compatibility forms the basis for the respective pressure ranges. All common analog interfaces, such as CAN and SENT are supported.

The sensor is UL-certified and possesses an ECE-Type approval verifying its suitability for use in vehicles. 

The mechanical and electronic characteristics of the M01 series have been especially designed for applications in adverse ambient conditions; in the same way value is placed on high resistance to aggressive media. Furthermore, the modular principle of the M01 series permits a large number of combinations of pressure connection, pressure range, electrical output signal and electrical connection, meaning that the right pressure sensor can be found for almost any application. Over and above this, we also offer the possibility of producing and supplying OEM versions.

For low pressure ranges to 7 bar, normally silicon measurement cells are used. These can be used at media temperatures from −40 °C to +85 °C.  For pressure ranges to 2000 bar, welded stainless steel measurement cells from 1.4542 are used, which are suitable for media temperatures from −40 °C to +150 °C. Depending on the type of measurement cell and the material coming into contact with the media, the M01 Pressure Transmitters are resistant to aggressive or non-aggressive gases and liquids. On request, versions in 316L design for use with e.g. hydrogen, CNG and LPG are also available.

The M01 series supports Performance Level PL b in accordance with ISO 13849 and is therefore suitable for machine safety applications.

The variant M01-CAN2 is supported in the STW open source software platform openSYDE, enabling the sensor to be integrated quickly and easily into both new and existing applications.