Pressure sensors with digital interfaces for Load Sensing and more.

Sensors form the foundation of intelligent agricultural applications. Their values provide the basis for automated processes, assistance, and safety functions. As demands for precision in agriculture increase, the demands on sensor technology increase proportionally. STW is presenting corresponding pressure sensors for the most demanding applications at Agritechnica.

Sensors with digital interfaces deliver highly accurate measurements, as required for increasingly automated processes in agriculture. The higher the degree of automation, the more precise the data foundation must be. STW offers a comprehensive sensor kit for acquiring pressure, temperature, inclination, and strain. The M01 type pressure sensors have received innovative functional enhancements right in time for Agritechnica: They are compatible with the SENT protocol or feature an updated SAE-J1939 and CANopen-capable CAN stack, all based on a new 32-bit microcontroller. Thus, both future viability and long-term availability are guaranteed equally.

Thanks to digital interfaces, the sensors can provide pressure, media temperature, as well as other status and diagnostic information simultaneously. This makes them particularly suitable for the increasingly demanding processes in precision agriculture. Efficient and robust systems can be designed with the M01 sensors in a user-friendly manner.

Like all STW products, the compact pressure sensors are engineered to withstand challenging environmental conditions. Additionally, they are resistant to electrical interferences, further enhancing the flexibility in the engineering of agricultural machinery manufacturers. Typical applications can be found in brake and hydraulic systems, as well as weighing and Load Sensing systems.

The M01 sensors can be applied across a wide range of pressure acquisition, from low to high pressure, ranging from 5 to 2000 bar. Furthermore, the modular design principle of the M01 series allows for a large number of combinations of pressure ports, pressure ranges, electrical output signals, and electrical connections. As a result, STW can provide pre-configured and pre-parameterized, tailor-made solutions for individual customer applications.

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