Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH (STW) is to present its comprehensive competence as a supplier for electrical and electronic (E/E) components, modules and system modules with the “SymonE” system demonstrator. “SymonE”, thus making the interaction of data, signals and electricity the focus of this year’s trade fair stand by STW at the Agritechnica in Hanover. 

Together with Dintec, a longstanding system integration partner in France, a battery-operated test vehicle has been developed on the basis of a conventional commercial vehicle for STW and partner products, which allows the possibilities and added value facilitated through the integration of digitalization, automation and electrification to be experienced. Here aspects such as Industrie 4.0 or the Internet of Things (IoT), semi-autonomous driving and working and E-mobility are addressed.

As a result, “SymonE” is, amongst other things, intended for tests on electrified attachment devices which are supplied at the AEF power socket (front + rear) and therefore offer manufacturers brand-neutral access to an electric tractor. The demonstrator is also intended for the development of defined semi-automations and full-automations for the operator (Operator Assistance Systems, OPAs).

“SymonE” is completely electrified and equipped with an extremely compact 650V/90kWh battery by Kreisel Electric, an 80kW powerMELA E-machine by STW for the 2-gear all-wheel drive and a second E-machine for braking and working hydraulics. Highly efficient control units, a high-performance VSX terminal by STW, 4 cameras and the on-board telecommunications module permit extensive support of the working process on-site and its integration into the process chain.

The supporting functions, such as the intelligent central electrics from the STW BCX family, and battery charging technology with CCS plugs, as well as further sensors such as those for pressure and temperature, are also indispensable.

The joint competence thus generated in electrical drive technology, intelligent control units and ergonomic operation, service-friendliness and cloud-based integration into operational logistics is to be demonstrated at the STW stand and is to be made experienceable for all visitors.

About STW

As an internationally-active company, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH (STW) has for 30 years now supported its customers, the worldwide leading manufacturers of mobile machines, utility machines and special machines and their users in the utilization of the new technical possibilities inherent in digitalization, automation and electrification.