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Kaufbeuren, 12.11.2020 – The ESX.3cs control unit by STW is now also available in a safety version for safety-oriented applications. With the new safety release of the ESX.3cs, it is now possible to implement applications with Performance Level PL d or Safety Integrity Level 2. Thus, the control unit meets the highest requirements for functional safety of mobile machines.

Machines – whether stationary or mobile – have to be safe. People must not be harmed in any way by their operation and functional safety must be ensured. The new safety release of the ESX.3cs control unit by STW can help implement functionally safe applications.  

The new development combines efficiency with robustness: A robust die-cast aluminum housing with automotive plug-in connectors contains a 300 MHz fast 32-bit microcontroller with four MB Flash and eight MB SRAM, up to two CAN interfaces, one serial interface, Ethernet and LIN interface. A second, independent processor monitors various system voltages as well as the program sequence. If required, it switches off all outputs via a second shut-down path or resets the main control unit. Digital and analog feedbacks for almost all signal branches allow a comprehensive diagnosis of the system including the inputs and outputs. Thanks to these features, it is possible to implement functionally safe applications according to EN ISO 13849 and IEC 61508.

For these safety-oriented applications, a safety layer programming interface is available, which allows a separation of safety and non-safety (feedback-free) application sections by means of a memory protection unit. This considerably simplifies the effort for a re-certification in case of changes to the (non-safety) application software. The creation and maintenance of a safety-oriented application is easily possible via the safety manual and diagnostics library.

The application software for the ESX.3cs can be created very efficiently in "C". Numerous convenient functions such as current controllers and ramp functions for outputs or frequency averaging for inputs are already integrated in the programming interface.

The safety update can be retrofitted for control units already being used in the field. Once purchased, STW provides the corresponding software modules via Cloud. 

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