Kaufbeuren, 21 January 2020 – Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH (STW) enters into another cooperation: At the end of 2019, the company procured shares in the power element experts MTCONNECTIVITY power2pcb (MTCON). By combining their core competencies, the two companies intend to develop, produce and market high-performance PCB components and assemblies even faster, more efficiently and more inexpensively.

In addition to its tried and tested portfolio of MTCON power elements and connectors, MTCON is incorporating into the cooperation its long-standing experience in press-fit technology, plastic injection molding and connection technology as well as in the design and development of high-performance connectors and PCBs. STW is able to boast a decades-long success story in the manufacture and development of electronic assemblies for mobile machines. MTCON is to integrate the entire family of STW connectors into its portfolio, and will sell them all over the world to international clients in these markets.  

“We have already collaborated successfully with MTCON for several years now”, says Wolfgang Dengler, COO at STW GmbH. "We utilize MTCON products and solutions in order to support our customers in the development and manufacture of mobile machines with innovative solutions in the fields of digitalization, automation and electrification. Through our cooperation, we are now intensifying our collaboration so that we – as one of the world’s largest providers of electronic assemblies for mobile machines – can implement the high-standard electronics requirements of our clients even more efficiently, powerfully and sustainably.”

“STW’s cooperation in MTCON is for us a wonderful recognition of our company’s performance and products”, says Mario Tolj, Managing Director of MTCON. "We are looking forward to expanding our international product portfolio yet again with STW’s entire connector family. In addition to our powerful relays, fuse bases and connectors in press-fit technology, our customers can now also obtain innovative board-to-wire connectors and 2nd-generation products.”   


The MTCONNECTIVITY power2pcb GmbH ( provides innovative PCB technology and expertise in the three business fields Power Elements, Connectors and Knowhow Transfer for automotive, industrial off-road vehicle and numerous other industrial high-tech applications. This rapidly-expanding technological company leads the way in the area of power element press-fit technology, and holds numerous patents as well as flavor, application and design protective rights.

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As an internationally active company with Headquarter in Kaufbeuren, we stand for the digitization, automation and electrification of mobile machines for over 30 years. With generic or customer-specific products, systems and solutions developed and manufactured at our headquarters in Germany, we support our customers with innovative technology on their way to making their machines the best in the world.