Kaufbeuren, 09.03.2021 - Even the best control hardware can be a burden for machine manufacturers if the programming software is not intuitive or if it unnecessarily distracts programmers from development of the control algorithms.  To help avoid these problems, users of STW's ESX.3cs can choose to program with logi.CAD 3.

The ESX.3cs from STW is a compact, robust and powerful mobile control unit. Among other applications, the control units can be used for safety-related machine applications up to Performance Level PL d or Safety Integrity Level SIL 2.

The architecture concept: The ESX.3cs is a mobile control system with a fast 32-bit 300 MHz Infineon TriCore microcontroller, 4 MB Flash and 8 MB SDRAM, two CAN interfaces, serial interface, Ethernet, LIN and two LEDs. It is housed in a robust die-cast aluminum housing with automotive connectors.

The application software for the ESX.3cs can be programmed efficiently and with high versatility in C, or, with the PLC languages defined in IEC 61131-3. For programming control applications according to IEC 61131-3, STW offers logi.CAD 3 and CODESYS based solutions. STW has been working with the company logi.cals (the supplier of logi.CAD 3) for several years and in this time has integrated logi.CAD 3 into openSYDE, the STW lifecycle tool suite.

logi.CAD 3 offers the machine manufacturer several advantages, which become especially apparent in conjunction with the ESX.3cs. logi.CAD 3 together with the Micro-Runtime-System µRTS 3  enables cost-effective efficient and powerful solutions to be implemented. Among the main benefits brought by logi.CAD 3, are the comprehensive ST (Structured Text) and FBD (Function Block Diagram) editors.

The engineering platform also enables the integration of C and C++ code, and the complete data storage is possible in ASCII format. The logi.CAD 3 IDE is based on the open source programming tool Eclipse, which means a large range of extension plugins are available, many of them free. An example is support for the source code version control system Git. Use of Eclipse also ensures long-term availability and support.

The runtime system µRTS 3 makes logi.CAD 3 especially interesting for use with ESX.3cs. µRTS 3 is extremely lightweight and only needs around 30 kB memory. Thus, almost the complete 4 MB flash memory capacity of the ESX.3cs is available to the machine manufacturer. As a result, complex applications can be realized on the ESX.3cs with µRTS 3 that would not be feasible with other more resource-hungry runtime systems. With µRTS 3, the ESX.3cs can be sufficient as a stand-alone control system in applications that might otherwise require more resource intensive, complex and expensive control systems.

STW customers benefit further in that logi.CAD 3 is integrated into the STW lifecycle tool openSYDE. The logi.CAD 3 development environment can be started directly from openSYDE and, with the openSYDE code generation, the control unit configuration is automatically integrated. The open interface approach of openSYDE and logi.CAD 3 complement each other perfectly.

logi.CAD 3 licenses are available from STW in combination with the ESX.3cs.

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