STW joins Bavarian Chips Alliance

The automation specialists from Kaufbeuren in the Allgäu are joining the semiconductor competence network in Bavaria, the Bavarian Chips Alliance. The alliance aims to strengthen semiconductor research and industry, and achieve greater independence from global supply chains.

The chip shortage affects almost every area of industry. Wherever electronic systems are used, there are delivery delays occurring. This affects the consumer goods industry, as it does the mechanical engineering or the automotive sectors. In an effort to reduce the resulting economic consequences for local companies in the future, the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy has launched the Bavarian Chips Alliance. The Alliance aims to network chip and electronics manufacturers, research institutes and user industries in order to bring together their various competencies, identify synergy effects and strengthen the Bavarian chip industry for the long term. The goal is to increase the technological autonomy of local industry, i.e. reduce local reliance on international supply chains.

As an electronics manufacturer, STW joins this initiative in order to support the goals of the alliance. Microchips are the basis of all their smart sensors and high-performance control technology and STW sees great potential in the initiative in helping guarantee a future-proof electronics industry in Bavaria.

This is a further step the Kaufbeuren based automation specialists are taking to ensure an optimum delivery capability to their customers, the manufacturers of robust mobile machinery for the agricultural, forestry, municipal and construction industries. STW has already taken far-reaching measures in recent months to ensure the best possible delivery times and the greatest possible reliability in meeting their supply contracts.