Future Products

We are continuously scouting for innovations with a view to being able to offer our customers products that bring a real competitive advantage. We explore other markets and industries looking for the innovative leaps that can be transformed and applied to mobile machine technology. We  look at entertainment and consumer electronics, through to automotive technology and mobile communications. On this basis, we develop high-performance and innovative components that form the core of future vehicle and machine concepts.


High Performance Platform (HPX)

STW is developing a new product family: High Performance Computing for Mobile Machines - HPX for short. HPX heralds a new generation of high-performance vehicle control electronics for mobile machines, designed for the realization of highly automated or autonomous applications. The new platform, that forms the basis of the HPX family, combines the advantages of the robust ESX product family with enhanced computing performance and an all new architecture.


With the help of this platform, we are able to provide our customers with proven capabilities and the latest innovations from modern chip design. Throughout the development process, we are in continuous communication with the relevant industry and research bodies.