ESX.4cl: Programming of the controller with logi.CAD 3

Seminar ID 107689
Identifier PRG4CLLC
Course type Classroom Based Training
Duration 3 Days
Target audience Developers
Price 2070 €


The course explains the hardware functions of the ESX.4cl controller and the programming with logi.CAD 3 including the STW-specific software, plug-ins, libraries and tools.

The course is intended for developers, who will program own applications for the ESX.4cl.

The theoretical course content will be deepened with programming examples from practice.


The participant

  • Knows hard- and software requirements for programming the ESX.4cl
  • Knows the STW technical documentation and is able to use it for target-oriented research
  • Is able to program own applications with logi.CAD 3 and the STW software package
  • Is able to upload software on the ESX.4cl, change parameters and monitor the controller


Basic programming knowledge, ideally with logi.CAD 3, at least knowledge of programming electronic controllers.

Course Content

  • Introduction to the hardware of the ESX.4cl
    • Starter Kit
    • Mainboard, supplies, GND concept, pin assignment, main switch
    • Multicore architecture
    • Inputs / Outputs
    • Coprocessor iMX 6
    • Ethernet interface, Ethernet switch, CAN-bus, RS232, LIN
  • logi.CAD 3
    • Basics, programming languages, POUs, function blocks, PLC Configuration
    • SPS-cycle, RTS, task system
    • Inter-Core communication
    • logi.CAD-application, compile/build
    • logi.CAD gateway
    • Login and debugging
  • STW adaptions of logi.CAD 3
    • IDE, library management, supported libraries and devices
    • STW-libraries
    • Documentation (API, user manual)
    • Programming rules
  • STW Tools
    • Introduction to openSYDE
    • Code generation, template, openSYDE library
    • Flashing, parametrizing, monitoring, visualizing
  • Programming exercises

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