We accompany our customers from the start whenever E/E systems in mobile machines are concerned. We develop solutions to support the entire machine life cycle. During the individual phases, we offer our know-how, our services, our products and the associated tools in order to contribute efficiently and continuously toward the success of the machine.


To support the efficient conceptualization of the E/E system on the vehicle, we provide solutions spanning the entire system design process. Depending on the application scenario, we support our customers with customized “Rapid Protoyping” concepts. Furthermore, we enable our customers to use the STW product portfolio, to describe the system requirements and to define their system architecture. To do this, we provide a comprehensive product and services portfolio.


The creation and implementation of the machine software is based on the previously defined system architecture. By using a development environment for the entire E/E system, the basic settings / parameters for the software creation are generated automatically and the code generation is supported through integrated applications. We support the implementation of standard systems as well as complex safety architectures through application development and support services.


Solutions for test scenarios round off the development process. We provide software functions for the parameterization and visualization of the vehicle’s system data. Through open, standardized interfaces, the connection to third-party systems can be realized. Additionally, the E/E system can be tested for correct functioning using test boxes. 


Realization of different machine configurations and variants based on the same E/E system architecture. All relevant system parameters can be adjusted directly on the machine or via remote access.


To ensure the operational efficiency of the machine, it is necessary to collect, process and provide the relevant machine and work process data. Through open interfaces in the development environment and the data management solutions, the machine data can be used individually to plan work process steps or maintenance work predictively and efficiently.